GT Theatre Productions

Gabrielle Tyler

Gabrielle is the leader of our older Stars of Tomorrow classes. She has performed in multiple productions over the years and has taken part in a few different theatre groups. She loves sharing her passion with the younger generation and watching them grow in confidence and ability throughout the classes. She created this company with the vision of creating somewhere that can give younger people room to grow and progress and give them a place where they can be themselves. She has also achieved her Paediatric First Aid Qualification, her Child Protection and her Level 2 in Understanding Mental Health in Children and Young People. 

Edward Wayland

Edward Wayland is our Assistant Coach of Stars of Tomorrow. He has performed in multiple productions with the West Cliff Youth Theatre and within GT Theatre Productions. He has had a few years of experience in the performing arts and really loves to keep developing his own skills as well as helping others to develop theirs. He adores working with the children and loves helping them become more confident within their skills and performance techniques. He is a great asset to the company and all the children love working with him.